Are faulty codes a problem for you?
Are people entering your codes wrongly?
If so, it can be fixed.

An example of a fixed code:

3979721623245774 : Faulty
3979721623245714 : FIXED!

The code had 3 errors:

A digit 6 was removed because it was wrong.
A digit 3 was missing, so it was inserted.
A digit 7 was fixed to 1.

You can try fixing of codes here.

Řit fixes codes,
and makes hardened codes.
These codes are very adaptable, so they can surely be used in your systems.

If interested, contact Kim Řyhus.
phone +47 9001 4425

FAQ is here

Here are some examples where removing errors in codes could be profitable:

As can be seen, this system fixes several types of errors. People make these kinds of errors. OCR systems too. More primitive systems cannot fix errors like all these.

Errors are created by: